Date: 01 March 21, 05:29 AM
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 MML Jeep YJ 4 Cyl with no body lift


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Just finished installing a MML into my YJ. I have no body lift so I had to modify
the rad fan shroud. Not very hard to do. It took about 4 hours to because I
had a broken motor mount on the drivers side.

Here's a pic of the MML spacer on the passengers side.

Here's a pic of the fan shroud I had to modify. I just cut out an area
around the top rad hose so i could move the shroud an inch higher.

This took care of most of my driveline vibration. :)

I think it was better than doing a tcase drop.

95 Jeep YJ 4cyl. 2.5 RC Lift on 31's


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